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Missoula, Montana

Before leaving the Towsend / Canyon Ferry Lake KOA, my new friend recommended I stop at the Avon Family Cafe on my way to Missoula. She said they took good care of her, and the food was delicious. A warm home-cooked breakfast seemed like just the right thing since this is what I woke up to.

The winds and haze at Towsend / Canyon Ferry Lake KOA

I was going off the directions Elizabeth gave me, “just before you turn right on MT-141, Avon Cafe will be on your left.” I drove right past the unassuming little barn and had to double back.

Avon Cafe

She was right, the food was worth it. I had my favorite breakfast; corned beef hash, eggs over easy, hash browns, and an English muffin.

Into Missoula

From Avon, I took MT-141 N to MT-200 W, just barely skirting a closure on MT-200 near Lincoln due to the wildfires. Two hours later, I approached Missoula. A confusing turn thwarted my first attempt to get into the city, and I ended up on I-90 E. One of the many interstates I was trying to avoid. I took my next exit and doubled back (for the second time that day) to make the correct turn. I checked in at the City Center Motel and asked the woman at the front desk for food and drinks recommendations. She recommended several places within about a half a mile of the motel, perfect walking distance. Before heading out for dinner, I called the management company for the hotel in Seattle to move my check-in date forward one day, not realizing I’d lost two days from my travels because of Glacier’s fires. I’ll come back to that later.

Walking through downtown Missoula was like being in a post-apocalyptic world. People were walking/riding bikes with masks on, and the smoke hung so low and thick in this valley town. I saddled up to the bar at Tamarack Brewing Co and gorged myself on poutine, and a big ribeye steak washed down with some delicious Montana craft brew.

Meanwhile, someone (ahem, mom) was trying to convince me to take the extra time to go to Vancouver to try to stalk the “boys” from my favorite show, Supernatural, who were actively filming the upcoming season. Maybe I’m not as brave as I proclaim. 😀

I’d love to revisit Missoula. It seems like a lovely town, with so much more to do than I gave it time for.

Until next time…

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