Mid Atlantic US

The Maiden Voyage of Rosie, Baby and Me

In August, 2019 I made the craziest decision. I was going to pack up my home, rent it out, and become a nomad. In October, I bought 2015 A-Liner Classic to tow behind my 2012 Tiguan (affectionately named Baby, an homage to Supernatural). I named my new trailer Rosie, after the Riveter. Because we canContinue reading “The Maiden Voyage of Rosie, Baby and Me”

Gathland State Park - War Correspondents Memorial

Gathland State Park, Maryland

We’ve all been feeling it right? The weather is getting warmer, and the walls are closing in on us. But, we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones by making smart decisions about when and where to go out. Armed with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, a giant bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a desperateContinue reading “Gathland State Park, Maryland”

Assateague State Park, Maryland

Thanksgiving On Eastern Shores

As much as I love to cook, the idea of having someone else prepare Thanksgiving dinner has become more and more appealing these past few years. My mom and I reprised our trip from the previous Thanksgiving (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) and headed out to Rehoboth Beach, DE, early Thursday morning.  OnContinue reading “Thanksgiving On Eastern Shores”


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