• Florida Rules for Shark Fishing

    Nothing beats the excitement of landing a 200-pound shark. South Florida’s crystal blue waters are perfect for a day in the sun and surf, baiting your line and looking for the prize shark that will give you bragging rights for years.

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  • San Angelo City Hall

    Interesting Places Near San Angelo, Texas

    San Angelo is a virtual oasis in the arid West Texas plains, with three lakes and the Concho River running through the heart of the city.

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  • Hoover Dam

    Campgrounds Near Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam

    At 726 feet tall, Hoover Dam, with 6.6 million tons of concrete and 45 million pounds of reinforced steel, is an engineering marvel.

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  • Horseshoe Canyon

    What Is the General Climate in Arizona?

    While you may imagine Arizona as a vast desert with a giant canyon slicing through it, its climate is, in fact, quite diverse, with three distinct physiographic regions. The desert climate of Arizona is in the southwestern part of the state and along the west where Arizona borders Nevada and California. To the north-northeast, the…

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  • action asphalt automobile automotive

    Cheap Ways to Travel From Washington, DC to Atlanta, Georgia

    The notion of traveling cheaply may conjure up images of long trips, lengthy layovers, uncomfortable seats, or waiting on standby for hours or even days. But with enough planning, you can comfortably travel between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia, without breaking the bank. Check your credit card and bank rewards to see if you qualify…

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  • scenic view of mountains

    How to Vacation on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic 469-mile drive through Virginia and North Carolina. Some of the oldest mountains in the world are within this stretch of the Appalachian Mountains, including Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern U.S. Other natural wonders include the oldest river in North America, ironically named the New River,…

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  • Washington Monument, Washington DC

    Best Time to Visit Washington DC

    Over 20 million people visit Washington, D.C., every year. Most of them between March and June, with a break in visitation during the notoriously hot and humid summer months of July and August. Travelers return to the city briefly in late September through October, before the city goes quiet in winter when visits drop to…

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  • green palm trees near body of water

    Things to Know About Vacationing in Jamaica

    The birthplace of Bob Marley, where everytin’ irie (Jamaican patois for “everything’s all right”), Jamaica is an island paradise like no other. The country has a diverse and proud culture, crystal blue waters and reef-lined beaches. Vacationers spend their days jumping off cliffs, zip lining through the trees or relaxing on beautiful beaches while drinking…

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  • chef preparing vegetable dish on tree slab

    What Famous Chefs Have Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

    For many years, Washington, D.C., wasn’t considered a foodie destination, but in the new millennium, the nation’s capital has seen a renaissance of gastronomic culture. Top Chef season six contestant Mike Isabella made his name with a number of restaurants in the District of Columbia, and José Andrés, a chef known for his humanitarian endeavors,…

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  • United States Capitol Building

    The 10 Most Popular Places to Visit in Washington, D.C.

    Gleaming white stone shaped in tribute to those who built America reflect in man-made pools, while squat rectangular buildings house natural, scientific and American histories in Washington, D.C. In the shadow of those who have come before, the gears of government continue to grind. Visiting the nation’s capital is a journey to everything that makes America…

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  • photo of railway on mountain near houses

    Train Tours in or Near Albany, New York

    Albany, the state capital of New York, is nestled between the Catskill and the Adirondack Mountains, 152 miles north of New York City. Take a trip back in time on some of the same rails built over 100 years ago to help people escape to the wilderness of the New York mountains from the hustle…

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  • shore during sunset

    The Best Luaus in Maui

    At just over 700 square miles, Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island. Thanks to Maui’s world-famous beaches and magnificent sunsets, Conde Nast Traveler readers have voted the island the “Best Island in the U.S.” for more than 20 years.

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  • bryce canyon canyon clouds dawn

    How to Take a Trip to the Grand Canyon, New Mexico & Colorado

    The American Southwest evokes images of cowboys, gold rushes and the stark contrast between the mountain peaks of the southern Rockies and the deserts and canyons carved by the Colorado River.

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  • classic blue sedan

    Car Shows in Orange County, California

    California is synonymous with cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway and spending time soaking in the sun on one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in the state.

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  • architecture building castle daylight

    Things to Know When Traveling to Germany

    Germany, a country full of diversity with a rich cultural history, produced renowned artists, from Goethe to Beethoven.

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  • ship on body of water during sunset

    Dinner Cruises in Finger Lakes, New York

    The Finger Lakes area is a 9,000-square-mile region between Syracuse, New York, and Rochester, New York.

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