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Bloganuary 2022 – Day 8

What do you like most about your writing?

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I really enjoy writing. I’ve been crafting stories since I was old enough to hold a pen. When I was a teenager, I was writing multiple poems a day. You know, your standard angsty teenage stuff, but maybe one day I’ll share a couple of those poems here.

What I enjoy most about writing is the ability to tell a story. And, having the time to be thoughtful about the story I tell. I often feel like I struggle to communicate verbally so having the time to think about my next words helps me address that anxiety. Don’t be fooled, there is a whole nother kind of anxiety that comes with writing, which is part of why I’m doing this challenge. I am a master of overthinking. I have half written blog posts in my drafts. All about the trips I’ve taken over the past few years, that I’ve thought way too hard about, so they sit there, unfinished, unavailable, unread.

So I picked up this #bloganuary challenge to throw myself out there. To say, there’s a deadline, you are writing once a day, so you can’t overthink it.

So far, I think it’s working. I’ve made it to day 8. I haven’t run my posts through Grammarly before publishing them, I haven’t spent hours pouring over what images or videos to include. I’ve done my best to spend as little time as possible with the style and layout of the post. Although yes, I did change my site’s theme because the old theme was just too wide for me. I’m not sold on this particular theme, but I am moving forward with the whole purpose of writing more, and overthinking less.

What is Bloganuary?

In an effort to blog more frequently, I joined WordPress’s Bloganuary challenge for 2022. Each day I’ll receive a prompt for something to write about.

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