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Bloganuary 2022 – Day 13

What does your ideal day look like?

I wake up without an alarm clock, and start the day with a strong coffee.


Did I miss anything on Reddit? I’ve curated a collection of cute cat videos, sports memes, and travel subs to make me laugh and inspire me.

I open the curtains to the morning sun and select a workout. Or if it’s a gloomy day, I turn on the lamps around my room for a gentle glow and the light therapy lamp. Will it be yoga today? Ring Fit Adventure? Just Dance? Maybe a hike if my day permits me such a luxury.

If it’s a work day, then I sit down and catch up on the tasks of the day. I spend some time thinking about how I want my work day to look and structure my to-do list with the most important first.

Not working today? Maybe I’ll do that hike. Or, maybe I’ll take a zero or a caturday and barely move from the lounger while watching some new (to me) series. Right now, it’s Schitt’s Creek and I’m really kicking myself for not starting that sooner.

Or, maybe I’ll plan my next great adventure. I’ll pull out the travel books, my paper calendars, and the Roadtrippers website. That sort of thing can take all day. Sometimes multiple days.

If I’m already on the road on this particular ideal day, then it’s time to go explore all the places I read about in my travel books and maybe find a few that weren’t there.

I end the day with some mindless television. Maybe the NFL network, or the Food Network, or the Weather Channel.

aerial photography of snow covered trees

Anyone else like the show Highway to Hell on the Weather Channel? Or is that just me?

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My most ideal day is the one where I got to experience it my way.

What is Bloganuary?

In an effort to blog more frequently, I joined WordPress’s Bloganuary challenge for 2022. Each day I’ll receive a prompt for something to write about.

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