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Bloganuary 2022 – Day 20

What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I have thousands upon thousands of photos, it would be incredibly difficult to pick my absolute favorite.

So I’ll share one that I think has a pretty funny story behind it. The original story as it was written here is below.

I arrived at Crescent City / Redwoods KOA Holiday about 20 minutes after the sun began to set and desperately needed to pee. Since the office was closed, I needed to grab my packet from the bulletin board, and then I rushed to the bathroom. Much to my chagrin, there was a bathroom code. I finally figured out while doing the pee-pee dance that the code was on my packet. With that issue resolved, I tried to read the map to figure out where my site was. It took a few missed turns and loops before I found my site, nestled on the curve of the camp road next to two occupied campsites. I could barely see the boundaries of my site and as far as I could tell the tent pad was right at the curve of the road. I was not having that, so I ended up having to put it on a slightly slanted part of the ground with the picnic table between me and the road.

The campsite made a lot more sense in daylight and realized where I was supposed to set up the tent was further back into the woods. It’s all good, it was still a wonderful site I’d love to go back to. Sleeping under the redwoods was really nice.

~ The Great Roadtrip

Here is a collection of my favorite photos that are currently uploaded to my site. Because I tried to go through the photos on my computer, and realized that would take years.

  • Chihuly Garden and Glass - Seattle WA
  • Gathland State Park - War Correspondents Memorial

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  1. Love the story. And great pics. I too have thousands upon thousands of photos. It’s overwhelming really. There is no way I could pick 500 of my favourite, let alone one. You did great here!

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