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Bloganuary Day 2: How are you brave?

Is it ironic that the post of the day filled me with dread? Would it be cheating if I said just writing this post was checking off the box of bravery? Have you noticed the name of my site yet?

How are you brave?

Bloganuary Day 2

I actually have the reminder to “Be Brave” tattooed on my arm. I got it on that wild road trip I took a few years back, at a tattoo shop on Hollywood Blvd in LA. Pretty brave right?

When I looked up the featured image I wanted to use for today’s post, I saw pictures of people at the very edge of a rock overlooking a ravine, or rock climbers, or other big-brave-things. My bravery is a bit more low-key. So low-key I’ve spent the whole day asking myself if I could even call myself brave at all.

“Be brave” were the words my mom said to me when I packed up my car and hit the road, and I cemented the sentiment with the tattoo I mentioned. But what does that even mean? I guess driving across the country after only just getting my license is brave. Then a couple years later getting rid of or packing up all my stuff so I could live in a trailer (damn you covid.) I feel like I’m boasting a little bit. I’m not a fan of that. I mean, I just found something I was passionate about and pursued it.

I dunno, I kinda don’t like this post at all. I guess I’ll be brave and post it. 😜

8 responses to “Bloganuary Day 2: How are you brave?”

    • Thank you! The tattoo does work as a gentle reminder to push a little further. ☺️

      • I’ve been thinking on a tattoo to get fire a while now but I keep chickening out. Guess you’re more brave than me in that department! Lol

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