Where is she Going?

It’s almost time! In a few short days, I’ll be packing my car up with (what I hope to be) everything I need for this epic journey I’m about to take.

While doing my research for this road trip, I found a great way to plot out my path. Of course, because I’m the secretive type, I’ve kept my actual path maps private. However, below you will find links to my public Roadtrippers maps that loosely chart the course.

Have suggestions that aren’t on the maps? Leave a comment, or use the contact me option to send me a message!


Part 1 includes visits to two Hall of Fame museums, multiple car museums, great national parks, and most importantly, the Idaho Potato Museum.

Check it out here – https://roadtrippers.com/trips/19159394


Part 2 is my return from the west coast. Traveling through the southern parts of the US, I’ll see the Grand Canyon, Dorthy’s house from the Wizard of Oz, and hopefully not pick up too many moths in the Ozarks.

Check Part 2 of my trip out here – https://roadtrippers.com/trips/19159691

Stay tuned…

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