in fact,
she hoped she wasn’t really headed anywhere in particular,
but just in case she was,
she had taken precautions to ensure it would take
her an exceptionally long time
to get there…

About Me…

I’ve always had a fascination with cars, and road trips, but it wasn’t until June 2016 at the age of 37 that I got my driver’s license.

A few months later I got my first car, and with that, began contemplating my first epic road trip.

It was initially supposed to last a month, but because I’d been given the freedom to do what I want, it became a 45ish day trip traveling through almost every state in the continental US and totaling 12,000 miles of driving.

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Gathland State Park, Maryland

Located near Burkittsville, Maryland Gathland State Park is the home to the former estate of Civil War correspondent George Alfred Towsend.

Assateague State Park, Maryland

Thanksgiving On Eastern Shores

An adventure to be thankful for. Exploring Assateague Island, Native American Methodist churches, and the quiet simplicity of the Mid-Atlantic shores.

Missoula, Montana

Before leaving the Towsend / Canyon Ferry Lake KOA, my new friend recommended I stop at the Avon Family Cafe on my way to Missoula. She said they took good care of her and the food was delicious. A warm home cooked breakfast seemed like just the right thing since this is what I wokeContinue reading “Missoula, Montana”