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  • I-81, Virginia we have an adventure

    I-81, Virginia we have an adventure

    Day one as I tow my aliner down I-81 through Virginia on my way to New Orleans.

  • The Maiden Voyage of Rosie, Baby and Me

    The Maiden Voyage of Rosie, Baby and Me

    Call it a maiden voyage, or a shake-down trip, depending on who you ask. This is the story of the first adventure with my travel trailer, Rosie. In August 2019, I made the craziest decision. I was going to pack up my home, rent it out, and become a nomad. In October, I bought a […]

  • Gathland State Park, Maryland

    Gathland State Park, Maryland

    We’ve all been feeling it right? The weather is getting warmer, and the walls are closing in on us. But, we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones by making smart decisions about when and where to go out. Armed with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, a giant bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a desperate […]

  • Thanksgiving On Eastern Shores

    Thanksgiving On Eastern Shores

    As much as I love to cook, the idea of having someone else prepare Thanksgiving dinner has become more and more appealing these past few years. My mom and I reprised our trip from the previous Thanksgiving (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) and headed out to Rehoboth Beach, DE, early Thursday morning.  On […]

  • Seattle – September 7 – 10

    Seattle – September 7 – 10

    Excited to finally be on my way to Seattle, I spoiled myself with a delicious breakfast at the Leavenworth Golf Club before hitting the road. The trip to Seattle was a blissfully short one, with just one stop at a place called Deception Falls, and I arrived around 1:30 PM. Deception Falls runs directly under […]

  • Leavenworth, Washington – A Pleasant Surprise

    Leavenworth, Washington – A Pleasant Surprise

    When I last left you, readers, I was cranky because I woke up in Steamboat Rock State Park believing I would end the day in Seattle. I was tired of cold food (due to the campfire restrictions caused by the wildfires) and ready for a couple days of no driving. But instead, I needed to […]

  • New Orleans – I Miss You Already

    New Orleans – I Miss You Already

    We arrived in New Orleans on Friday, March 16th, as a belated birthday present to my apprentice traveler. While I’d only briefly visited the city years before, it clung to me like the swamp moss surrounding the Crescent City, the Big Easy, Nawlins. In the airport’s hustle and bustle, we picked up an unexpected additional […]

  • September 5, Part 2; The Most Extreme Grilled Cheese

    September 5, Part 2; The Most Extreme Grilled Cheese

    After spending an hour amongst the Buddhas, I continued west to my first real taste of mountain driving in the tiny stretch of Idaho between Montana and Washington. I suppose I’d been meandering up in elevation without too much thought, but as soon as the “Welcome to Idaho” sign appeared, it was straight downhill along […]

  • September 5 – Part 1; Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

    September 5 – Part 1; Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

    September 5th was a long day. I wasn’t going to leave the area without going to the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, an hour north of Missoula. I found my breakfast spot through some research, Paul’s Pancake Parlor in Tremper’s Shopping Center in Missoula. The decor amused me, all decked out in Jamaican colors. If […]

  • Missoula, Montana

    Missoula, Montana

    Before leaving the Towsend / Canyon Ferry Lake KOA, my new friend recommended I stop at the Avon Family Cafe on my way to Missoula. She said they took good care of her, and the food was delicious. A warm home-cooked breakfast seemed like just the right thing since this is what I woke up […]